Monday, March 25, 2013

Anchor Slam

As everyone knows, this week is DG's Philanthropy week.  All money raised will go to Service for Sight.  Service for sight helps provide vision screenings along with glaucoma testing.  They also will help with glasses if a family cannot afford them.  

Tonight we had a very successful Casino Night

Make sure you come back tomorrow (Tuesday) for some Kentucky Derby races.  Noodles and Company will be catering this event and it's only $2 to get in, including food, and $2 for a horse.  The night starts at 7pm.

Wednesday we have our Anchorman competition in JFB 101 at 7!  We have nominated the following from each of the houses:

Beta Theta Pi: Nelson Kent and Brayden Forbes
Sigma Chi: Gray Turner and Collin Murphy
Phi Delta Theta: Nate Peterson and Stuart Johnson
Kappa Sigma: Gavin Clark and Matt Smith
Pi Kappa Alpha: Sean Fulsom and Joe Parker
Delta Sigma: Adam Tuero and Tyler Griffin
Sigma Nu: Shane and AJ Bernstein
Sigma Phi Epsilon: Abdul Ozaya and Tim Benvegnu

and Thursday we close everything with our Anchor Slam tournament.  We will also be announcing who won the title of Anchorman 2013.   

Thanks to EVERYONE who showed up tonight and we can't wait to see you tomorrow and the next day and the next day! 

Love and ITB
Beta Gamma

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