Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Have Found my Dream Girl

Fall Recruitment is finally over.  Although it's a stressful time for everyone, especially Kate our Director of Recruitment, it's the best time of the year.  We are all reminded why we choose Delta Gamma and why we continuously chose Delta Gamma every year.  We not only get to remind ourselves of the amazing memories we made and the friendships created but we get to tell all the new little sailors too.  Every house did so well at getting the best girls to represent their house, but I can say that Delta Gamma got the smartest, most outgoing, and classiest women at the school.  Delta Gamma was proud to extend 38 bids and made THE BEST Fall 2013 pledge class on Greek Row. 

They anchored themselves to something special and we anchored ourselves to them.
Needless to say...

DG's are HOT!


Beta Gamma
Delta Gamma

Friday, July 26, 2013

Flash Back Friday

Flash Back to this past fall when Delta Gamma won Songfest!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stay Anchored

Stay Anchored with Beta Gamma. 
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Home is Where you Drop Your Anchor

Fall Recruitment is just around the corner.  I'd have to say that recruitment is one of my favorite times of the year.  Not only do we get to add amazing girl to our house, but we are all reminded why we chose DG.  Delta Gamma is more than just four year, it's for life.  It's a late night run to 7-Eleven for slurpees, or a scary movie on a Friday night.  It's love, friendship, trust, and sisterhood.  It's being who you truly are and finding comfort in knowing that there are girls that are just like you.  It's a piggy back up the stairs, or a ride to the football game.  DG is family.   

"Even when I was in middle school, I knew that I wanted to be in a sorority. The first day I went through recruitment, I knew that sorority was going to be Delta Gamma. The message of friendship and sisterhood was genuine, the philanthropy was amazing, and the house and its girls were beautiful in every way. I never had a sister growing up and I was quite a ways from home. Joining Delta Gamma, I had instant friends and a second place to call home. One of my best memories was finding out who my big was: the lovely Ms. Ally Hays. She has become one of my absolute best friends and we do EVERYTHING together. I can honestly say that I go through withdrawals when I don’t see her for a few days and I can’t wait for when we’re bridesmaids at each others’ weddings. I see staying us in each others’ lives forever and ever. But in essence, what does Delta Gamma mean to me? Delta Gamma is friendship. It’s loyalty. It’s sisterhood. It’s a sense of knowing where you belong. Delta Gamma is home sweet home."
-Emmy Lambert

"I wasn't your typical sorority girl, but decided to go through recruitment just to meet some girls. I didn't have any intention to join a house but when I walked into the Delta Gamma house, I couldn't stop smiling. I looked forward to going back every day and getting to know all of the genuine girls at the house. So far, I have made some of the best friends in the world. We have unforgettable memories together and I have DG to thank for that. I have learned how to be a better friend, philanthropist, student, woman, and sister since I joined DG. Now I couldn't imagine my life without the golden anchor."
-Talus James

"To me, DG has given me a family outside of my own. It has given me a stronger group of girlfriends and sisters than I even could have imagined. It has allowed me to find friends that I can trust with all of my secrets and share so many special rituals and experiences. DG has given me role models and mentors that have inspired me to do things I never would have considered. DG has gotten me so involved in not only the chapter and in Greek Row, but in the campus. It has made me love the U and my college experience."
-Alyssa Corbett

"DG was something I never imagined I would be apart of. But I heard countless stories from my sister about her incredible friendships and experiences from DG. I fell in love with DG. I knew this was the only place I truly belonged. DG means the world to me. I cannot imagine life without the girls I have met in this house. They are all amazing and have such unique personalities. They have changed me for the better. I have grown to be more outgoing and confident in my self. I know I will be friends with these girls for life. They are my sisters and i know i could not live without them in my life. DG has made my college experience incredible. I have definitely had some of the most remarkable experiences with my sisters. I owe DG so much. I am beyond excited for the next two years in DG!! DG is my anchor. Bring on the memories! ITB"
-Taylor Dalebout

"DG means so much to me! Even though I have only been apart of the organization for one year, I have already gained so much. I have gained lifelong friendships and sisters. I have learned a lot about myself and who I want to be too because of the wonderful group of women and examples that DG surrounds me with. I love Delta Gamma because it represents a group of strong, intelligent young women who are there for each other in good times and in bad! Xo & ITB"
-Jamie Fidler

"Often times I think we, as people, have a hard time identifying what we value and appreciate in life. We have our family and family is forever, but sometimes friends, interests, and opportunities come and go in just the blink of an eye. When I first joined Delta Gamma, I was convinced it would be one of those things. I figured I would join, attend activities, meet some interesting people, enhance my social and philanthropic life, and after four years move on. I had no idea that Delta Gamma would become my life. In the past three years I have met not only my best friends but rather I have met my sisters. I have made a lifelong commitment to an organization that I feel so passionately about and I have made the most incredible memories with the most incredible people. Delta Gamma is my home and my sisters are truly my family. Joining Delta Gamma was the best thing I have ever done and I could not be more grateful for this incredible organization. I can truthfully say that I will forever be anchored in Delta Gamma."
-Teresa Pond (Beta Gamma President)

"Delta Gamma means everything and more to me. Skeptical about the whole sorority thing in general at first, i joined and found myself completely consumed by the positive effect is has had on my life. I have found my best friends and sisters through this amazing organization and have had some of the happiest moments of my life here. Delta Gamma is more than a college experience, its a lifestyle. Its a shoulder to cry on when you are sad, or having amazing people to triumph with you in your successes.DG helped me fully understand the importance in amazing relationships, not only within our house but across the nation. Each girl is unique and brings a different dynamic to the house. i will forever hold DG close to my heart because it has shaped me into the women that i am and i am continually striving to become. One of the greatest decisions of my life was joining DG. ITB."
-Chloee Drews (Delta Gamma Alumna)

As you can see, DG means everything to us.  Delta Gamma is more than a Fraternity, it is our family.  We go everywhere with our sisters.  We do everything with our sisters.  We are everything with our sisters.  

Home is where you drop your anchor.  Get anchored with Delta Gamma.

Love and ITB

Beta Gamma

Monday, March 25, 2013

Anchor Slam

As everyone knows, this week is DG's Philanthropy week.  All money raised will go to Service for Sight.  Service for sight helps provide vision screenings along with glaucoma testing.  They also will help with glasses if a family cannot afford them.  

Tonight we had a very successful Casino Night

Make sure you come back tomorrow (Tuesday) for some Kentucky Derby races.  Noodles and Company will be catering this event and it's only $2 to get in, including food, and $2 for a horse.  The night starts at 7pm.

Wednesday we have our Anchorman competition in JFB 101 at 7!  We have nominated the following from each of the houses:

Beta Theta Pi: Nelson Kent and Brayden Forbes
Sigma Chi: Gray Turner and Collin Murphy
Phi Delta Theta: Nate Peterson and Stuart Johnson
Kappa Sigma: Gavin Clark and Matt Smith
Pi Kappa Alpha: Sean Fulsom and Joe Parker
Delta Sigma: Adam Tuero and Tyler Griffin
Sigma Nu: Shane and AJ Bernstein
Sigma Phi Epsilon: Abdul Ozaya and Tim Benvegnu

and Thursday we close everything with our Anchor Slam tournament.  We will also be announcing who won the title of Anchorman 2013.   

Thanks to EVERYONE who showed up tonight and we can't wait to see you tomorrow and the next day and the next day! 

Love and ITB
Beta Gamma

Anchor Ball

Saturday we put our homework away and put those winter blues to bed as we stepped onto the dance floor for our Spring Formal.  

A special thanks to Alyssa Corbett for planning such a fun formal, it was most definitely a night none of us will forget. 

Love and ITB

Beta Gamma

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Beta Babe

Taylor Cannon and Talus James (Member Class: Fall '12) were nominated for Beta Theta Pi's "Beta Babe" competition.

 On Thursday they competed for the title and did an amazing job at representing our house.  The boys loved them, but not nearly as much as we love them. 

   Although Jess Doucette (KKG) won the title, we ALL know that Taylor and Talus are the real babes and we couldn't be more proud of them. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Katherine Cahoon

Katherine is a DG alumnae from Vanderbilt University.  Like many of us she took advantage of the freedom that college offers and studied abroad every summer in Europe.  Even though DG's never kiss and tell, Katherine shares some of her tips and tricks on how to win over European men in her book, The Single Girl's Guide to European Men.  Pick up a copy before you head out for spring break and be sure to check out her makeup tutorial below.  Comments on the video are MUCH appreciated and be sure to check out her YouTube channel, her music video is pretty entertaining and even gets a little steamy ;) 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love is in the air

Delta Gamma's are so fly, literally.

DG's hit the air for this Spring's Date Night.  The night was spent with good food, a fun time, and great company.

A special THANK YOU to Alyssa Corbett for planning such a fun night.  

It's not love
It's not lust
It's just Δ cΓush 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Miss MaryJane Despain

Everyone knows that DG's are nothing short of amazing, but this week our very own Janie Despain pushed the awesome bar even higher.  She released her very first music video.  Janie has an angelic voice and is now sharing it with the world.  
Song: Don't You Worry Child

If you really enjoyed that, you can download the song from iTunes (and if you loved it as much as us, you'll have it on repeat).  

Janie, we are all so very proud of you and can't wait for your next single.  

Love and ITB

Beta Gamma