DG of the Week

Jane Woodbridge Berger was born on February 15, 1993, just a few hours after Valentines Day in Chicago, Illinois. Some of her favorite things include Macklemore, lions, Taco Bell, Baja Blasts, snapbacks and most importantly watching BET. Her biggest pet peeve is people with bad breath. Jane may look all sweet and innocent on the outside but deep down in her heart she’s a straight up thug! Anytime you’re around her you’re guaranteed a good time. She can come up with the most outrageous things to do at anytime of the day. But In addition to being a blast to be around, Jane is one of the most warm-hearted people you will ever meet. She’s a great friend to everyone but most importantly she’s a loyal friend to you no matter what. She loves being adventurous and experiencing new things. Jane excels in everything she does whether it’s school, helping others, or learning how to make eggs. I’ve only known her for two years but I feel like we’ve been friends my whole life. DG is extremely lucky to have her but I’m even luckier to have her as my roommate and Best Friend.

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