Monday, September 5, 2011

Recruitment 2011

Recruitment was extremely successful this year! We extended bids to 46 amazing new girls and we could not be more thrilled to have them!! Welcome aboard baby DeeGee's! :)

Alli Adams
Jane Berger
Carli Birkeland
Brooke Blaisdell
Alexi Bluth
Kimberly Brown
Ashlee Burton
Andie Campbell
Carli Carter
Carly Chasse
Kate Childers
Mara Coccimiglio
Savannah Cross
Taylor Dalebout
Janie Despain
Lacey Despain
Frances Devlin
Meggie Egan
Morgan Foote
Kallie Hardy
Lisa Hawkins
Alexandra Hays
Jessica Hudson
Maddie Keyes
Shayna Kirsch
Alishea Lang
Lauren Leigh
Alex Mauerhan
Jillian McIntyre
Liz Nielson
Lydia Owens
Priyanka Parekh
Katie Puc'
Paige Pyper
Lorin Rader
Kimi Rasmussen
Kelsey Routh
Taylor Russell
Rosemary Saycich
Kelsey Strong
Channing Turner
Sarah Vaughn
Lexy Webber
Arielle Weeks
Alexa Wright
Rachel Wunderli

Our recruitment chair, Chloee, along with Mariah Rist and their nine day chairs made this year's recruitment special and it turned out absolutely amazing! Thanks to everyone who helped contribute!

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Angie Bryan said...

Hey girls! Can you help your DG sisters from FSU out by winning this competition? All you have to do is "like" the picture on facebook! It's for the kids<3 Thanks so much!!/photo.php?fbid=10150365325636345&set=a.10150365041111345.342327.139798981344&type=1&theater